Best Online Casinos in Canada 2022

The majority of Canadian gamers opt for a secure online casino in addition to one with the greatest games. The responsibility for providing the finest platforms to compete rests with casino owners because online gambling has grown to be such a significant industry. Canadian University Press team makes sure that the list of casinos we review here only includes legitimate, authorized casinos.

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How Do We Choose the Best Canadian Online Casinos in 2022?

To choose a reliable online casino is not an easy task even for such best online casino Canada professional reviewers, to say nothing about lay people or beginners. So, we have taken it up to help you understand how and on which basis to ground your judgement about this or that casino.

The top online casinos foresee user needs, particularly those based on location. When evaluating the best online casinos in Canada for our users, these are the key factors CUP experts consider:


Licensing is one of the most crucial characteristics of the top online casino websites. When a casino gets a licence to operate in a certain area, it is under the supervision of certain authorities and is required to adhere to certain criteria in order to continue operating. These three organizations—the Malta Gaming Authority, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the UK Gambling Commission—are well-known internationally for their work as licence suppliers to the casino industry. Any casino that holds a licence from one of these organizations is regarded favourably by us. In addition to being required to have their games audited for fairness, licenced casinos are prohibited from offering services to clients who exceed the approved legal limit.

Game Variety

We recommend that you have the best as amusement is one of your two goals for visiting the casino. Slots, dice and card games, table games, and even live casino gaming will all be included in a broad game portfolio. You want the best online casino in Canada with top-notch games created by industry experts. While we’re at it, we prefer casinos that work with well-known software developers like Microgaming, IGT, and Playtech because their games have already through auditing, testing, and evaluation. They also adapt to technological advancements so that compatibility with mobile devices is not a problem.

User-Friendly Site and Customer Care

The majority of players prefer to navigate quickly so they can get back to what they came for — gaming. The casinos on our site are easy to use, include everything you need to know without being overly packed on the homepage, and have attractive graphics. The licence number, disclosure of whether or not they are audited and encrypted, and their terms and conditions are all readily available to them.

Since the majority of players value the availability of knowledge when stuck, customer service teams may make or break a casino. It’s not just how quickly they reply to inquiries; it’s also how well they serve customers. You need precise instructions on what to do when you’re stuck, and getting this information quickly is essential. When possible, we choose Canada’s top reviewed casinos with many avenues for communication, including emails, live chats, toll-free and paid phone numbers and participation on social media.

Mobile Compatibility

The days of creating games with Flash technology are long gone, as casinos now use the much-improved HTML5 technology. We naturally choose game makers who have adapted since those who haven’t started using this not-so-new technology risk going out of business by the end of 2020. As casinos transition to a mobile-driven industry, HTML5 is excellent for mobile compatibility.

Online Casino Reviews and Ratings

Since CUP staff of experts has been in this industry long enough, we can tell at a quick glance which online casino sites have the highest organic ratings. Before customers spend their money and divulge sensitive information, user reviews reveal secret information that they are interested in learning about.

Provincial Canadian Online Gambling

The peculiarity of Canada’s gambling laws is that each province has the ability to exercise its legal sovereignty by establishing its own rules that are applicable only in that province. The top 10 real money online casinos in Canada are dispersed throughout its wide country and are subject to various rules.


flag Vancouver

Since Vancouver is a well-known tourist destination in British Columbia, it draws gamblers from all over the world, hence some regulation is necessary to maximize the potential of Vancouver’s gambling sector. Anyone above the age of nineteen may partake in Canadian online gaming, regardless of the casino’s enviable location. While the majority of the online casinos that Canada accepts are legitimate and licenced there, international operators are not barred from participating as long as they adhere to local rules. Players are free to use whichever services they find more convenient in order to avoid any sort of legal scrutiny.


flag of Ottawa

Ottawa is a part of Ontario, which denotes a distinct province and a new set of codes. Along with three other provinces, this one has legalized the best online gambling on its own soil, with Ontario having its own top online casino. Residents are not prohibited from taking part in any gaming activities offered by an offshore casino as long as the establishment complies with Canadian law. For the benefit of its citizens, Canada carefully monitors all of these casino sites. Law-abiding Canadian individuals have unfettered access to the world’s plenty of gambling establishments.


Toronto flag

Toronto acknowledges the same jurisdiction as Ottawa, allowing its citizens to play their own online lottery if they so choose. It is a luxury to have a domestic Canadian casino online that is designed for locals to enjoy, but no one will object if they choose international casinos that might provide a wider range. Although tastes can change and are non-negotiable, there is a widespread opinion that Canadian online casinos are a local brand designed to appeal to their local tastes. Those that are dissatisfied with the options available locally might explore any unknown areas that the international gaming community has to offer.


Quebec flag

This province has a fascinating history of legalizing gambling of all kinds, including top Canadian online casinos, and is well known for being extremely liberal. This could soon change since they intend to prohibit or shut down any extra-provincial gambling establishments that are not authorized by Loto-Québec, which would be a severe setback for all foreign casinos. Residents would undoubtedly be denied access to a wealth of high-quality content, but everyone is hopeful that voters won’t back the politicians who favour this law. Everyone can play video games to the fullest extent while we wait patiently for the political agenda to be resolved.

Nova Scotia

Nova-Scotia flag

This region has a very high proportion of casual gamers considering that it is one of Canada’s smallest provinces. This is partly due to their relatively lenient attitude toward the best online casinos in Canada, which permits its citizens to indulge in their search for the ideal gambling den without worrying about facing repercussions from the law. In contrast to some of the provinces we described earlier, this jurisdiction does not have its own local website. This is presumably the reason why locals are advised to seek out external sources of high-quality gaming amusement. Having a variety of provincial policies that encourage competition and innovation in this market is surely extremely healthy.

Payment Methods for Online Canadian Casinos

It takes a lot of confidence on your part for someone else to manage your money, so be selective when choosing the finest Canadian online casino to do so. When evaluating Canadian gambling sites, players should keep in mind the criterion of having a notable range of payout casino schemes as a sign of quality and as a quality indicator.


skrill paument system

Players will only feel secure playing at reputable Canadian online casinos if their banking choices are legitimate. There is only one reason why this option is the most popular among gamblers. When compared to other methods, Skrill gold has a track record of facilitating transactions in more than 40 different currencies all around the world. When it comes to accessible payment methods, this pretty well covers the entire world. If they want to draw in more customers, every major online casino in Canada must offer Skrill as one of their banking choices. More than thirty million users attest to the quality of this service.


payment system PayPal

This payout mechanism, which has become synonymous with the whole cash processing sector, doesn’t require any specific introduction. It makes sense that Canadian casinos utilize it as their top choice given its quick service, excellent customer care, and low prices. It supports more than 20 different currencies worldwide, and all transactions are completed almost instantly. Players additionally adore it for its user-friendly interface, which serves as a cash flow current facilitation hallmark.


neteller payment system

Here is a different approach employed by the top online casinos, which first gained popularity as a way of money transmission for trade. Canada made the decision that these systems can be utilized for other things with the gradual rise of reputable online casinos. When utilizing this method for gambling, one can feel extra safe knowing that transactions are covered by insurance or have the right to refund. In the area of gambling and money handling, indemnities are effective tools and reliable pillars of assurance.


mastercard payment system

This method is distinctive since it offers a partial benefit for deposits, which is a commonly utilized practice, but typically necessitates utilizing one of the other systems listed above for withdrawals. This is because MasterCard handles deposits with lightning-quick efficiency while refilling your cash stack necessitates a more involved, drawn-out process. In order to benefit from rapid unloading and money extraction, players are enticed to use a second MasterCard-compatible payment method when they visit the best Canadian casinos.


payment system visa

Visa, one of the most well-known banking services, is attempting to adapt by entering the Canadian market for trustworthy online casinos. It immediately gained popularity for usage in gaming because of its emphasis on security features. The availability of acquiring credit funds once your own run out is another factor in its popularity. While we do not advocate playing with borrowed funds, it makes up for the absence of reload bonuses rather well.

Casino Bonuses

There isn’t a single online casino that doesn’t welcome new clients with a wide range of promotional incentives including $10 minimum deposit casino bonuses, $5 minimum deposit casino bonuses and $1 minimum deposit casino bonuses. Each participant is entitled to select the promotional offers that will best serve his interests. Due to the fact that bonus terms are frequently noted in the terms and conditions of joining a particular website, it is crucial that you pay close attention to them.

Welcome Bonus

Who doesn’t appreciate being treated like a local while socializing with friends and playing at the greatest Canada casino site? Even for online casinos in Canada, which fully utilize this strategy in the form of welcome incentives, this is a very effective instrument for luring thrill-seekers. Free spins or cash can be added to your newly created account in the form of these bonuses. Don’t miss out on the chance to grab those free items because even one cent can spell the difference between finding the hidden jackpot or not.

No Deposit Bonus

When one is given the chance to begin playing right away without having to spend any money, it sounds even better. The greatest Canadian online casinos rarely display this rare promotion, which is typically accompanied by onerous wagering requirements. One must exercise caution when claiming them since some scammers may use promises that seem too good to be true to their advantage. Keep an eye out for any dishonest behaviour that could ruin your entire gaming experience.

Free Spins

While the reels are still spinning in front of him, the exquisite anticipation of winning the jackpot may make one’s blood boil. The majority of online casinos from Canada that have been examined give slot enthusiasts free spins so they may test out their favourite games. Since spinning games are the mainstay of the majority of gambling establishments, it functions as a kind of sign of trust that inspires loyalty in turn. It is usually preferable to gamble with someone else’s money rather than your own, and in this game, free spins serve as a kind of substitute for actual cash.

Gambling Laws in Canada

As was already indicated, a typical Canadian online casino is governed by the provincial government of that province, which exerts its authority by setting up this market as it sees fit. Every province offers a reputable Canadian online casino that accepts locals without limits or concern for legal repercussions. In order for players looking for the finest online Canadian casino can freely search outside of their local area, external businesses are welcomed as long as they conduct appropriately and do not violate local regulations. As one might expect, these rules differ from one location to the next, creating a lot of room for ambiguity, as is frequently the case in the gaming sector. Just be aware that the online gambling Canada offers is well structured, prioritizes customer protection, and gives players the chance to look for top-notch gaming content far outside the country’s borders.